Benefits of DW Library

The DW Library represents our belief of best practices of Tessitura software coding. Microsoft's .NET environment has evolved into a highly mature development platform. The DW Library implements the most up-to-date design and features of this ever-evolving environment.

Streamlined, stable code reduces database load and improves performance thereby producing a superior Tessitura ticketing experience. Pages are optimized for quick performance in a variety of important ways. This benefits the web user with speedier performance, but also ensures that the server can support a larger number of simultaneous users.

The DW Library evolves with Tessitura. As new API functionality is created by Tessitura network, these changes are integrated into the DW Library. Enhancements to the CMS feature set can be discussed and implemented on a fairly continuous basis.

Supported by the DW Library, our client's new layouts will allow for client management of relevant media files and produce a patron experience second to none.

To learn more or to discuss a specific project, please email us at or contact us by phone at (877) 496-7571.

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