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Stage 1 - Keywords Research

Listed below are your site's keywords and their variations, divided into several groups. The numbers on the left columns represent the amount of times each keyword was looked up in search engines during last month.
This will help you to choose keywords that people are actually using, as there is no point in choosing a keyword that nobody is searching for. On the other hand, try to avoid using keywords that are too competitive or not specific enough. The variations suggested can help you make your keywords more specific. We have added general suggestions for some of the keywords.
Please reference the attached article, "Keywords Article". We suggest using it along with the data of this report.

Please extract a list of 25 keywords from the list below, which will comprise your META tags keywords.

Note: Bold keywords are recommended to be included in the list, due to relevance (targeting) or popularity (number of times they were searched).

Too General
The following keywords produce too many results. Furthermore, they are not targeted enough to attract quality (targeted) traffic to your site. Therefore, we recommend against using them
 pallet rack
 industrial shelving
 warehouse equipment
 wire partitions
 wire shelves
 material handling equipment
 folding gates

"Warehouse" related keywords
Count Keyword
163  warehouse carts
144  warehouse cabinets
132  warehouse ladders
77  warehouse mezzanines
40  warehouse supply equipment

"Shelves" related keywords
Count Keyword
367  stainless steel shelving
127  warehouse shelving and racking
64  steel shelving unit
59  industrial shelf storage
55  modular shelving units
53  industrial steel shelving
49  stainless steel wire shelving
41  wire shelving unit
38  commercial industrial shelving
37  industrial wire shelving
36  industrial shelving unit
33  metal storage shelving
29  storage shelving units
28  steel wire shelving
27  industrial storage shelving
27  wire rack shelving
25  steel storage shelf

Pallet Rack
"Pallet Rack" related keywords
Count Keyword
106  pallet rack system
51  heavy duty pallet rack
45  warehouse pallet rack
34  pallet rack distributor

"Conveyors" related keywords
Count Keyword
165  belt conveyor system
118  automated conveyor system
76  gravity roller conveyor
64  motorized roller conveyor
63  small belt conveyor
48  industrial conveyor system

"Bins" related keywords
Count Keyword
140  metal storage bin
139  rubbermaid storage bin
98  industrial storage bin
29  wire storage bin
26  small part storage bin

Other related keywords
Count Keyword
624  metal storage cabinets
285  industrial material handling equipment
184  steel storage cabinet
147  woven wire partitions
105  metal storage lockers
101  industrial storage cabinets
47  heavy duty utility cart
47  metal utility cart
41  steel mezzanines
33  material handling equipment catalog

Listed below is the META keywords syntax as it should appear on your site. Please note the following:
  1. The last 2 keywords are added automatically. They are Company Name and Domain Name (with 'www').
  2. The bolded keywords are included in META code - They can be replaced with any other keyword which appears in the keyword research.
  3. We strongly advise to leave the last 2 keywords in tact, even when changing other keywords in the META content. The last 2 keywords play an important role in indexing your site in search engines - altering them may hamper the possible ranking optimization process.
The code can be copied as is to your site's HTML code. Please use it when changing your site's META keywords.
Click Here to view an example of where Meta tags should be placed.
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